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Virginia Fly Fishing Report December 2023

I'll start this long overdue report with some good news! We have gotten several inches of rain throughout the valley during the past two weeks. This was badly needed, to help the flows of all of our fisheries. If we continue to receive weekly storms, the winter fishing should be great.

Lets start with our stocked trout streams. The DNR has focused their trout stockings on lakes and ponds since October, due to the low water levels. With the recent rains, they have at last stocked the rivers and streams in the western part of the state. This is great news, as it will spread out the fishing pressure, onto many more stretches of water. Many of the recently stocked trout can be fooled by large attractor flies. As the fish are in the rivers for longer, size down your flies.

The Brook trout creeks have needed the rain most of all. They are in the tail end of the spawn, so if you choose to fish for the natives, try to stay out of the water. The high flows often make the redds (spawning beds) harder to see. You don't want to step on the eggs or fry that will be the trout in the stream for years to come! This time of year, Brook trout won't be as aggressive as during the summer months. Get nymphs down towards the bottom, and work the deeper holes thoroughly.

There is still some bass and musky fishing to be done on the larger drainages. The higher water should make them less spooky. If you need a bass fix, fish low and slow in the deep community pools.

Book a trip soon for some of the best trout fishing of the year. We also have gift certificates available for anyone looking for a last minute Christmas present!

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