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Virginia Fly Fishing Report October 2023

What an exciting time of year! We are in the big transition where all our target species are available. Here are the things to keep an eye on this month.

The state started stocking trout on October 2nd! With the low water levels continuing in the Shenandoah Valley, I expect the DNR will stock the bigger streams and impoundments until we see a little rain. The spring creeks and tail waters that hold trout year round are fishing well. Streamers and nymphs are producing the most fish. Keep an eye out for October caddis and small mayfly hatches this month.

The mountain stream Brook trout fishing is still in rough shape due to the low water. As of October 4th all streams in Shenandoah National Park are still closed to fishing. We are currently staying off the other Brook trout streams as well. Hopefully we will get enough water to fish before their spawning this fall when we will again give them a break.

The Smallmouth bass rivers are producing well. As the temperatures begin to drop, the bass will feed heavily to prepare for winter. I've been seeing the bass begin to group up near the deeper wintering holes. On warm days there is still a good topwater bite in the afternoons. On cooler days or in the mornings try a slowly retrieved crawfish pattern.

Get out and enjoy some great fishing in the early fall. We still have some prime dates available through November!

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