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Virginia Fly Fishing Report December 21, 2021

The rain we were supposed to get didn't amount to much over the weekend. Even the spring fed creeks are running pretty low and clear. I volunteered with a couple veterans on Beaver Creek this week. There are plenty of deeper pockets that held fish. The guys had success on #16 Rainbow Warriors and midge larva fished deep. Mossy Creek is fishing tough at this water level. A few smaller fish were to be had if you could get a deep drift through the small pockets between the weeds. Its not my favorite technique, but Euro Nymphing would work great at Mossy right now. The special regulation area of the South River below Waynesboro had a lot of small (8-10 inch) Rainbows and Browns. Some were even willing to take small dries in the afternoon. The Fall Fish are always an added bonus on these rivers and will take attractor nymphs while you chase trout. Until we get some more water in the rivers size down and use smaller tippets. #16-18 nymphs on 5-6x will be the standard starting point until at least next week. #fishmoreworkless

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