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Virginia Fly Fishing Report May 1, 2022

Sorry for the long gap between reports. It has been a busy month of fishing! Let's start with some warm water species. The smallmouth have moved out their winter holes and are in a pre-spawn pattern. The smaller fish have been in faster water and are feeding pretty aggressively. The larger fish are on the deeper side of drop offs and ledges. They will probably move towards the shallows in the next week or two to start sweeping beds. Once they are on the beds, you should let them do their thing and make more fish, but for now hellgrammites and leaches fished deep have been the ticket.

On to trout fishing. This is a great time of year! Caddis have been coming off regularly for the last month and I've been seeing a few sporadic mayflies in the last two weeks. The fish have been taking a little bigger nymphs as well. A corn-fed caddis with a #14 blowtorch dropper has fished well as of late.

The one difficult thing about this time of year is how much the water levels go up and down. Even on the spring creeks and tail waters, there have been foot and a half swings in one week. I recommend looking at the USGS flow rates on their website as you are planning your fishing, especially is there is any rain forecasted.

Dates or booking fairly quickly for June and July, so give me a call and book a trip soon. I'd love to take you out on the water! #fishmoreworkless

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