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I try to provide as close to an all inclusive trip as possible, so you can focus on learning and enjoying a beautiful day on the water. Once you arrive, I help you get into waders, show you the rods, flies, and other gear we will use for the day. If you are new to fly fishing I have a couple rods set up to do casting lessons on the grass before we head to the water. Once everyone is comfortable casting we head out to start fishing.


During the course of fishing I cover mending, fly presentation (drag free drifts, weight of flies/depth, and casting accuracy), some aquatic entomology, fly selection, reading water, fish behavior and different rigging (knots, leader setups, strike indicators). On full-day trips we head back to the car for lunch or if we hike further away from the car I pack a picnic lunch. The second half of the day is mostly practicing the above techniques and often when everything comes together; Fish On!  I also take lots of pictures so you'll always be able to look back on a really fun day.


Blue Ridge Fishing Adventures is based in Lexington, Virginia, but we fish throughout the western half of the state depending on seasonality. Let me know what kind of fishing you like (small secluded streams, bigger rivers, bass fishing, etc.) or what you'd like to work on and I'll come up with a custom trip to meet your needs.


Contact Zach for custom pricing.

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