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Virginia Fly Fishing Report April 2023

What an exciting time of year. If you aren't getting out on the water you are missing out!

Our larger trout streams are fishing consistently well. Large caddis hatches are happening daily with some mayfly and midges mixed in. The trout are active and there are still two months left in the stocking season.

The brook trout streams are still in great shape. We'll hope for little shots of rain to keep their levels up, but there are bugs hatching and the fish are looking up. My favorite brook trout attractor dry fly is a "Hippie Stomper". Don't be afraid to hang a nymph 18 inches under your dry fly until the fish prove they will take off the top.

The smallmouth bass rivers are starting to see spawning fish. Try to avoid fish paired up shallow for the next few weeks. Focus on moving water to find juvenile bass as well as larger fish that are pre and post spawn.

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