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Virginia Fly Fishing Report January 2023

Happy New Year! Trout fishing continues to be excellent. The water levels have been consistently perfect over the past two weeks. With small showers forecasted this week, I expect that trend to continue.

The state has been slow stocking the special regulation and delayed harvest waters, but everything has been stocked at least once. This means that you will have lots of options open to you on the stocked streams. On recently stocked waters, don't be afraid to throw attractors and "junk" flies. As the trout get more accustomed to the environment you may need to go to smaller flies. There are good midge hatches happening on most afternoons and the baetis are around on many of the overcast days. Keep a few size 20-24 dry flies on you for the rising trout.

We are also getting far enough away from the brook trout spawn to get back on the mountain streams, especially with the higher water levels. Don't expect a lot of dry fly action this time of year though. Dry dropper or nymph rigs in the deeper pools should produce fish.

There are still dates available through the spring if you would like to learn about fly fishing or up your game!

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